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HolyGuac and Raw canadaian... you both probably dismiss most claims that so called scientific studies have in the first place, so what do you care there aren't any?! There's studies done that claim chemo is beneficial to cancer patients, studies that show cell phone radiation is practically harmless and there were studies done that cigarettes are good for our health. Get real. People should have access to these articles and people's findings whether they are scientists or not, the raw food movement wasn't started by scientists.

Seriously people... use common sense. Cacao contains Theobromine, which is in the same chemical category of caffeine... which I'm sure most of us know by now is not healthy for our bodies. Sure, it can make us feel good in small quantities and the coffee bean is from nature, but doesn't mean it's doing our body any good. Theobromine is a diuretic like caffeine and affects the kidneys and adrenals.

Several posts on here have mentioned being addicted to the food. I was also addicted and was the main thing that I had issues with staying raw. First, I noticed that it came at certain times of the day, the afternoon, or when I was stressed out. This is what worked for me... I realized that 1. My body was looking for an afternoon boost, so I started taking naps in the early afternoon before the craving came along. Just a 20 minute nap did amazing things for me and also was able to cut my night time sleeping by 2 hours! And 2. I always had a carob treat or some other raw sweetie made so that I wouldn't go for the chocolate. With the whole stress thing, I just had to figure out another way to relax myself without going for food. It was definitely a struggle, but when I got my adrenals tested 3 months later, cacao free, my results were amazingly better. I wasn't doing the adrenal testing because of the chocolate consumption, that was just by chance that I was doing this at the time and had no idea that cutting out chocolate was going to affect the reading.

And HolyGuac.... He spent a year and a half personally eating it, but "He spent 4 years (1999 -2003) studying the effects of cacao and has dedicated countless hours surfing the net, talking with specialists, and even got involved with the University of Hawaii, who’s agriculture branch is looking into raw cacao toxicity. "

PLUS "DOCTOR Fred Bisci ,a raw foodist for about 40 years, also confirmed what Jeremy and I suspected, cacao is toxic!"

Information on the Negative Effects of Cacao… (Raw Chocolate)
*Paul Nison

December 23, 2008 - 7:53pm
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Luna Blu-"So David Wolfe has lied to me"?

The chances are very high.

December 24, 2008 - 1:41pm
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I didn't say the article wasn't true, but the first statement: *No animal in nature will eat it unless tricked into it with milk or sugar."

I don't want to try this, but I bet my dog would eat it if I put it in front of him lol

He will eat anything!!!

Driving a car is also toxic, do you use cars??
Electricity causes pollution, i bet the computer you write on uses electricity. (unless your running off of wind or solar)

There are studies that say it is good:

And they were not done by DW.

Are the universities lying too, are they out to get us??

December 24, 2008 - 3:15pm
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Okay calm down people let me just say if you are arguing in cacao's defense maybe you should ask yourself why you are so passionate about it? It is addictive it contains cannabinoids and all the others Snow Bunny listed. I have been becoming friends with a Raw Chef who even says that cacao is not as good as its touted and its taken a long time for Raw Teachers to acknowledge it. I think its important to remeber David is running a business and if he found out that its not as great as he touts he would lose a lot being the Cacao Man and all. It is just a treat like any other sweet it is ok to indulge dont be too strict on yourself but recongnize that it is just a treat and not a supplement. Being a mom I can honestly say that ALL of my toddler mom friends raw or not acknowledge that their children are more aggressive intense and just explosive when they have chocolate raw or not even when I have been with rawies and its been low sweetened healthy raw chocolate the kids still react the same and they will beg and scream for it as an addiction. So we cut back to special occasions.

When you are living and eating this healthy allow yourself some wiggle room just keep yourself in check that your not NEEDING it daily and that you are not breaking into argument about how good it is ( Anyone who knows an addict knows its a bad sign when you get all preachy and aggressive)

Peace Light and Love

Oh also is you balance it by having a ton of greens before or with cacao (smoothie) that balances it some and we have seen our children react less when given this way.

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