x;" style="background-color:transparent;margin:10px 0px 10px 0px;padding:0px 0px 0px 0px;">Yummy! I like this Taco Meat!


I just made this with fresh cilantro instead of coriander seed. I also added a little red onion. It was fabulous! Instead of rolling it in romaine leaves, I just made a taco salad topped with avocado and organic tomatoes (grown by my neighbor). I will probably make some version of this regularly.A+

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this is the best meat sub in the world!

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Super easy to make. It tastes even better if you can make the "meat" ahead of time. It really allows the flavors to blend. Meat loving, bbqing husband loved these. He said he was very impressed. Big thank you.

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Very tasty!


Wonderfully simple, yummy & nutritious! Texture reminded me of TVP from my old veggie days, but the taste is so much better. My non-raw friend loved it - I made a burrito with Fajitas (see recipe) in an Ezekiel tortilla.