A place to say hello and tell your story of going raw.en <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p>, 29 Oct 2007 00:01:43 +0000Bluedolfin5148 at http://goneraw.com <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p>, 06 Feb 2007 04:25:52 +0000ezadmin467 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hi all!</p> <p>I just wanted to introduce a project that my husband and I are currently working on. We are both raw foodists traveling Southeast Asia for the calendar year of 2012, stalking the mighty durian, King of Fruits. For the last six weeks we have been in Indonesia, meeting with fanatics, scientists, money-grubbers, and farmers. Yesterday we attended a durian tasting competition! Follow along with our adventure at</p>, 25 Feb 2012 15:51:07 +0000Frugini29720 at http://goneraw.com <p>well this is my third day eating raw. i woke up with a wicked headache. when i got out of bed however i noticed i could spring right up. no slow movements, no back and leg and arm issues, it is so refreshing , i remember this feeling of lightness the last 500 times i started raw. I am also getting charly horses all over my body. my back when i was trying to get off the bus. each moring or anytime i try to yawn or stretch, my feet if i curl my toes.. it is crazy. i read on line about potassium. but i had this before and i ate loads of bananas then. i also had a potassium test done and it was fine. with me i think it is magnesium and or calcium. i saw so many posts saying magnesium and cramps. so i am going to start those two things. i am seeing that i am forgetting what to do automatically, like sauce for zuchini spaghetti. and waht i use to put in my nut milk, like cinnamon ect...</p> <p>well, off to a brand new life,,,again...lets see how this rolls.</p>, 05 Jan 2012 17:10:14 +0000Cherryblossom29671 at http://goneraw.com <p>How long did it take for the cravings for non-raw foods? I am finding smell being my worst baked food items.</p>, 05 Dec 2011 00:42:50 +0000dena949729635 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hello there! I am a 3CPRWMum of two boys who is also embarking on a very exciting and happy raw food adventure. This looks like a pretty good site to swap recipe ideas and meet other enthusiasts. </p> <p>I have been raw for about 3 months and have lost about a stone (16lb in total, in that time), I needed to lose it as it was the last of my baby weight, my second son is about 10 months now. </p> <p>I am love-love-loving raw fooding this time around (I did 6 months a few years ago, before I discovered that a dehydrator and a blender make all the difference). </p> <p>I am getting a bit bogged down with nuts and nutty things at the moment though, feeling in need of some refreshing and tasty simple salad ideas. </p> <p>Looking forward to using this site regularly. </p> <p>Amanda x</p>, 21 Oct 2011 19:27:03 +0000rawamanda29605 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hello all! Today was day 2 in my transition to a raw food lifestyle. I've read "Raw Food Detox" and was/am fascinated by the idea of completely cleaning my body out and reaching optimum health. I'm 27 years old, but am 50-60 pounds overweight, am plagued by constant heartburn, extreme fatigue (I drink several cups of coffee plus 1-2 energy drinks every day just to stay awake at work), have aching joints, patchy skin, grey hair. . . in other words, I'm living in a body way too old and worn down.</p> <p>I do want to lose weight - absolutely no doubt about it, as it's either lose weight or start wearing a sheet w/ a hole in it to work - but more than anything I want to feel better, healthier. </p> <p>I am in a transition right now, so am not 100% raw, but look forward to reaching that goal.</p>, 04 Oct 2011 00:17:50 +0000rldavi729579 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hello everybody!!</p> <p>My name is Michelle and I am 20 years old. Currently living at home in Massachusetts and have been vegan&amp;raw for a few months now (and LOVING IT). I got into raw food because of a blog I follow, I started getting into food blogs after discovering my gluten intolerance about six months ago. I was having really bad acid reflux every month and day to day stomach issues and too much gas to be publicly accepted. After my wonderful mother suggested maybe I give up gluten (and I did) I was amazed at how what you put into your body effects the way you feel every day. It fascinated me so much I decided to delve into food and specialty diets a little more. I read multiple books, watched a few amazing documentaries and read a large amount of internet articles and have come to the conclusion that to better and preserve my newfound health and wellbeing at an optimal level, raw veganism is the way to go! I love all the new recipes and being creative in the kitchen. The food is fabulous and makes me feel satisfied but never overly full and gross. A great majority of my family has suffered or is suffering from cancer and other illnesses. Looking at those I love struggle, pains me and makes me wonder how we got here and how we can all become a healthy and happy human race. I feel like I have found the secret! (if you haven't guessed its raw veganism!!) I feel as if my pipes are running clean. I am looking forward to learning more and maybe chatting it up with some like minded people. Im excited to be here!!</p>, 27 Aug 2011 21:45:37 +0000Michelle1329544 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hi guys! I suppose I just start with the basics, huh?</p> <p>I'm 19 years old (20 in like a month), from Australia. I've been very happily vegan for 5 years. I'm currently attempting recovery (again) from an eating disorder, and I've always had an interest in raw food, so I thought this would be a gentle, healthy way to ease myself back into actually eating. I actually did the same thing with my veganism. I was very sick, and very thin, and wanted to badly to get better, but the thought of having "all that food" scared the crap out of me. I ended up stumbling onto some information on veganism and it was like a switch was flipped. I knew straight away that was perfect for me. It really helped me out of a bad place.</p> <p>But now, I know all the "junk foods" a vegan can have, and because its been so long, it seems like "all that food" all over again. A new way of eating gets me so excited about food, and creating, and experimenting that its easier for me to focus on being healthy, rather than being thin.</p> <p>I'm really excited to be here.</p> <p>Stay happy!</p> <p>xo</p>, 23 Jul 2011 23:05:28 +0000Corpus_Vile29500 at http://goneraw.com <p>hello from Iowa! I'm new to the forum,but hope to make new friends and learn tons! I'm recently going back to raw foods after ignoring my health for a couple years. Thanks in advance for all the help and answers to my millions of questions.</p>, 24 Jun 2011 17:04:28 +0000dschare29429 at http://goneraw.com <p>I love you all.</p> <p>And I'm hoping the posting runs smoothly.</p> <p>Cuz I've missed you.</p> <p>Meanwhile I'm on a juice feast.</p> <p>Toodles!</p>, 24 Jun 2011 04:27:54 +0000poemomm29426 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hello, everyone! I am a novice,nice to meet you. I hope I can be successful! Have a good time.<a href="" rel="nofollow">R4</a>,<br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow">ps3 jailbreak </a></p>, 17 Jun 2011 07:10:35 +0000JIHE29408 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hi all</p> <p>I'm new here. I've been eating a mostly raw diet for over 8 years now, and I run an online raw shop and publish a raw magazine, Funky Raw. I'm from England, but currently live in a campervan, travelling around Europe looking for the perfect place to live.</p> <p>The reason I'm here is because I need some more recipes for the next issue of the magazine and though this should be a good place to ask... The deal is if your recipe is published you get a free copy of the magazine. You can find out more about Funky Raw at <a href="" title="" rel="nofollow"></a> and submit your recipes to me at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> - if you have a photo of the recipe please also send that.</p> <p>thanks, Rob</p>, 13 Jun 2011 20:55:46 +0000Raw Rob29251 at http://goneraw.com <p>I'm going to try my best not to make this sound like a cliche sob story, but I may fail at it..we'll see. I was diagnosed with an acute variety of leukemia in November 2010. My best friend talked to me about going all natural and I was all for it. Never really got into the medical route. I started with eating only alkaline foods but it's not quite cutting it so she talked me into going raw. My family didn't quite get the holistic route I was taking from the beginning, so not only didn't I get the support I quite needed but I also got a lot of doubt. I was/am experiencing some super negative energy from my family, and they haven't really tired putting the effort into understanding my choices. Despite the lack of faith, I'm determined to take control of my health medicine free. I signed up to this website in hopes of gaining as much knowledge and insight as possible on the path I'm choosing. As it stands now I'm super excited to start this lifestyle. Thank you so much for your time, you're all awesome and completely inspiring. </p> <p>Have a gooder.</p>, 04 Jun 2011 09:04:13 +0000monosyllabic29239 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hello everyone,I'm a new comer and I'm happy to here ,I think it's a good place for share and learn,so hope we have a good time here!</p>, 20 May 2011 03:34:11 +0000Rjbpsafg29217 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hi,<br /> I'm a student at Northwestern University doing research about online communities. I'd like to focus on this particular website because raw food interests me. I am looking for users who would be willing to be interviewed by phone about why he/she uses this site and how it helps him/her maintain the raw food diet. I promise that your commentary will not be published. Please e-mail me at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> if you are interested. it would be a n enormous help.<br /> Thank you,<br /> Samantha</p>, 17 May 2011 12:25:29 +0000SamanthaC29204 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hi everyone,<br /> while I'm not new to Gone Raw, and all of you have helped so much with your advice and wonderful recipes, I have never really posted about myself and when I needed advice so many of you had already experienced the what I was going through. But now I need your support and love. My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and while it is only stage one and very manageable, it has definitely has the family shook up and has taken a toll on all of us emotionally. I am actually calling it a blessing in disguise because now my mom is taking all the health advice I have for years given her and my dad without any success. Even my father now has caught on and is trying out raw foods, making better food combining choices, finally acknowledging that diet does play a major role in health.<br /> It's been hard for me to watch my parents declining health, especially while studying holistic health and Traditional Chinese Medicine in college and later going to the Living Light Institute to become a raw food educator. Every year it seemed that a symptom was added to the list. For my mom, cancer is just the symptom that I think finally gets people's attention, but she's suffered from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, kidney stones, heart problems, and menstrual problems for years. My dad just had surgery for hernia, has Diverticulitis, and a family history of stomach cancer. Needless to say, I've been scared and gently trying to encourage them to see things a little differently. It is a huge change and like they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. So...I've been trying to make it fun, create delicious meals, and let them come around to all this on their own.<br /> Through all of this I am trying to stay on track myself. It was my own health problems that lead me to raw foods to begin with. The business I was in the process of creating is on hold for a little bit while I'm home taking care of my first client (mom), and it's been, I'm blogging about it. I would love your feedback, love, support, advice, comments, etc. during this process.<br /> So please check out my blog- </p> <p></p> <p>and get ready for coming soon.</p> <p>Thank you and all the best,</p> <p>Alle Weil</p>, 04 May 2011 16:16:15 +0000Moonbaby29171 at http://goneraw.com <p>Hi,</p> <p>Got a sinus infection which I then sealed shut with pot.</p> <p>Any experience with this, and how to drain? Tried everything. Neti, steam, etc.</p> <p>I am a Crohn's patient. Also, a good place to blog? Can I take garlic w/probiotics?</p> <p>Sorry, name is James.</p> <p>I am new with Raw but have much experience.</p>, 24 Apr 2011 04:56:06 +0000LotusLover29136 at http://goneraw.com <p>i am not completely raw (i don't know if i want to be), but i have been vegan for 15 years and i have been eating roughly 75% raw for the past two months. i have been feeling GREAT! i'm excited to be here to share recipes, information, and experiences.</p> <p>xo</p>, 16 Apr 2011 22:54:34 +0000takecare29113 at http://goneraw.com <p>So hap:)py to be here! I've been on the raw food diet for 5 weeks. And it is kind of like being on a desert island. I feel great, talk about raw, and nobody cares! I feel like I found something valuable that people around me think is crazy. Anywho, u guys understand, thankfully!<br /> I had chronic fatigue since september, with a saliva PH of 4.5! After making changes, and eventually going raw, I'm now up to 6.6.<br /> Not only did I lose 15 pounds, 4" on my tummy, but I look and feel better. I've almost recovered from CF.<br /> (My energy, sleep, digestion are recovered,but I still have a sinus infection. The immune system takes a long time to rebuild.)<br /> My face doesn't look 10 years older anymore. I see a glimmer of my young self again. My skin glows, my eyes look bigger and brighter,<br /> my cheekbones are back (because my face is no longer puffy), my teeth are re-mineralizing, and my hair is finally growing thick again. Yay!! And I can wear belts again! (I was looking allittle sausagey).<br /> I wrote about my experience with the raw food diet on my blog.<br /> Here's my link<br /> <a href="" title="" rel="nofollow"></a><br /> This has been the best diet ever!</p>, 16 Apr 2011 18:57:53 +0000Pame'laVik'toria29109 at

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